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Sets/gets VARIANT currently used as a "missing" value. This is the value returned by the Item default property when the passed key/index is not found in the collection.


object.Missing = variable
variable = object.Missing

IDL definition:

[propget, id(7), helpstring("gets Missing item")] HRESULT Missing([out, retval] VARIANT *pVal);
[propput, id(7), helpstring("sets Missing item")] HRESULT Missing([in] VARIANT varVal);


object - Previously created VarDictionary object

variable - variable that will receive (or will be assigned) the "missing" value.


var vardict = Server.CreateObject("newobjects.utilctls.VarDictionary");
vardict.Missing = "(error: item not found)";

Dim vardict
Set vardict = Server.CreateObject("newobjects.utilctls.VarDictionary")
vardict.Missing = "(error: item not found)"


If not specified VT_NULL is used.

Applies to: VarDictionary

See also: Item property


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