Storages & Files SubItemExists
SubItemExists method

Checks if certain item (sub-storage or stream exists) in the storage


variable = object.SubItemExists( path)


path - relative path of the item. For example: "substorage1\substorage2\stream1". See remarks.

returned value: 
0 - if the item is not found
1 - if the item is stream
-1 - if the item is storage


SFMain provides methods which allow checking the existence/type of the files and directories in the file system. If the application needs more universal way this method comes to help it. The method is implemented over the low level features common for all the storages and streams (IStorage/IStream interfaces) and allows the application to check for a sub item in any kind of storage.

Limitations: Unfortunately the basic features supported by all the storages cause some limitations - the path to the sub-item should be accessible which means no storage in the path must be locked for exclusive use in order method to work correctly. The method requires read access to all the storages specified in the path string.

path string - is abstract storage path very similar to the directory paths in the file system. The "\" or "/" delimiters can be used to separate the names of the storages in it. For example "a\b\c" will mean the item "c" in the storage "b" which is in turn in the storage "a". The virtual root is the storage whose member is called. 

Applies to: SFStorage object

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