Storages & Files CreateStorage
CreateStorage method

Creates a storage of the same type in this one.


Set strg = object.CreateStorage(name [, SF_Flags])


name - The new storage name. The name must obey the limitations defined by the containing storage (size, character set etc.)

SF_Flags - The standard flags


Set sf = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFMain")
Set dir = sf.OpenDirectory("C:\")
Set newDir = dir.CreateStorage("MyDirectory")
' Or in an OLE file
Set of = sf.OpenStorageFile("C:\MyStorageFile.stg")
Set newStg = of.CreateStorage("MySubStorage")


There is no way (physically) to create a storage of another type. For example - there is no sense in creating a directory in a OLE compound file's storage, because the OLE file itself is a file in a certain directory. Storages are directory like objects but ability to create other storage types in them is possible in some specific cases only - such as creating an OLE file in a directory. The supported specific cases are implemented as methods of the SFMain object.

Applies to: SFStorage object

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