Storages & Files Filter property
Filter property (read only)

Gives access to the filter currently used to bind the record to a stream. BindTo method creates the default filter implicitly if nothing else is specified (this is the typical usage) thus to access the filter properties application needs access to filter (for example SFFilter's unicodeText property).


Set variable = record_object.Filter


Set rec = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFRecord")
Set main = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFMain")
Set file = main.OpenFile("Somefile.bin")
rec.AddField "FirstName", vbString, 20
rec.AddField "LastName", vbString, 20
rec.BindTo file
rec.Filter.unicodeText = False
' Use the rec to read/write data from/to the stream
' This configures the default (implicitly created) filter
' to read/write the text fields from the record as ANSI characters


Usually the Filter property is used to access the filter properties directly. A ReBind method must be called after that, because the physical representation of the record may change after changing the filter's properties.

Applies to: SFRecord object

See also: SFFilter

Supported on:

Windows 95/NT and later
Windows CE 3.0 and later
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 and later
Windows CE.NET 4 and later


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