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Read  method

Reads chunk of data from a stream into the internal filter's buffer. The methods reads buffSize bytes from the current position in the stream. No need to use this method if you use SFRecord's binding capabilities - it will be called internally as needed.


variable = object.Read(stream)


stream - A stream to read - SFStream or an object that supports IStream interface.

returned value: Boolean success indicator


The returned value will be True only if the entire buffer is filled from the stream. If the end of the stream is reached before that - False will be returned.

SFFilter can read/write data in chunks equal to its current buffer size (in bytes). Actual value access is done later by using the PutVar/GetVar or Put/Get methods over the internal buffer. This allows the library internally to optimize the access to the stream and the application to do so on its own if low level access is desired. 

Applies to: SFFilter object

Supported on:

Windows 95/NT and later
Windows CE 3.0 and later
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 and later
Windows CE.NET 4 and later


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