Storages & Files Open
Open method

Opens the root directory of the drive and returns SFStorage object for it.


Set stg = object.Open([SF_Flags])

The standard SF_Flags can be used. Default flags (if not specified) are as in all the other create/open members - $H12 (0x12 - constant cSFExRW)


Dim sf, drv, stg, dir
Set sf = Server.CreateObject("newObjects.utilctls.SFMain")
Set drv = sf.GetDrive("C")
Set stg = drv.Open
' Now lets create a directory in it for example
Set dir = stg.CreateStorage("MyFolder")


The root directories on the drives can be opened more directly - by specifying the root directory name (for example C:\) to the SFMain.OpenDirectory method. However if your application has to perform some tasks which require SFDrive object, then this method can be more convenient.

Applies to: SFDrive object

Supported on:

Windows 95/NT and later
Windows CE 3.0 and later
Pocket PC/Windows Mobile 2003 and later
Windows CE.NET 4 and later


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