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Don't forget to register the component (with regsvr32.exe) before using the samples!

Samples list

C++ MFC example - demonstrates a strange script usage. Script controls the repainting of a window. It uses dispatch methods provided by the C++ application passed to it throught the "canvas" namespace. Thus script draws the window content and is called on every repaint. Example shows how to bind tightly script features into the application and show that scripts run with good performance after initialization. Location: samples/cpp/mfc

C++ console example - demonstrates how to use scripts in a raw application - that uses only Win32 API. Implements a simple shell that can be extended with additional commands by editing the script loaded. Shows that the scripts can be used in conjunction with the C++ code to provide features that are easy to implement in scripts. Location: samples/cpp/console

CPP projects are created with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0. Open the .dsw workspace files in the Visual Studio and compile the examples. Compiled versions of the examples is available on the newObjects site too.

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