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Compilation and Linking

This chapter covers compilationg instructions for the SCPHOSTCLNT and DISPCALLER classes.

Helper object is implemented in the scphostclnt.cpp file. It must be included in the project. Header file - scphostclnt.h must be included in all cpp files where the class will be used. Before doing so please review the beginning of the scphostclnt.cpp and edit the suystem header file includes. You can include for example stdafx.h here instead of the windows.h (And any other headers shown there for an example). Make sure that all required COM features are enabled - if this is not true you will receive compilation errors. Different versions of the Microsoft SDK support constants for enabling disabling some parts of the system headers. Projects created with VC wizards or projects created manualy can define some of these constants in order to speed the compilation and minimize the size of the output image. If compilation error occurs you will need to comment some of them or define others if the library defines some limitations in its header files.

This problem causes the scphostclnt.h file too - compilation errors will be generated if some require features are not included with the system header files.

In case of projects using precompiled headers you will need to create precompiled header again - or set the compiler to automaticaly update it (for example MS Visual C++   wizards will cause this problem initially - on the first project creation).

Thus please do not afraid of compilation errors in the provided files - these errors are expected in the described cases and solution depends on the specifics of the project - see sample applications. After including the required system header parts scphostclnt files must compile without any warnings and errors.


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