NetStreams NetStreams constants and names

Some of the NetStreams objects use constants or key names where address families, protocols or other settings must be specified. To simplify the usage of the library it supports not only numerical constants, but also key names for the same purposes. This is easier to remember and easier to use. Additional reason is that some constants have different values on different platforms while the key names string constants are the same on each platform.

Note that the names are case-sensitive! 

Address family

Address family Numeric Key name
IPv4 (Internet) 2 "AF_INET"
IRDA 26 (Win)/22 (WinCE) "AF_IRDA"
IPv6 23 "AF_INET6"

Socket type

Socket type Numeric Key name
stream (connection oriented) 1 "SOCK_STREAM"
datagram 2 "SOCK_DGRAM"


Protocol Numeric Key name
Unspecified (not applicable) 0 ""

Socket options - option levels

Level Numeric Key name
Socket level &HFFFF "SOL_SOCKET"
IP - TCP protocol 6 "IPPROTO_TCP"
IRLMP (Infrared) &H00FF "SOL_IRLMP"

Option types

Option Level to which applies Numeric Key name Value type r - readable
w - writable
Broadcast socket SOL_SOCKET &H0020 "SO_BROADCAST" Boolean r/w
Debug mode SOL_SOCKET &H0001 "SO_DEBUG" Boolean r/w
Do not linger SOL_SOCKET &HFF7F "SO_DONTLINGER" Boolean r/w
Keep alive SOL_SOCKET &H0008 "SO_KEEPALIVE" Boolean r/w
OOB inline SOL_SOCKET &H0100 "SO_OOBINLINE" Boolean r/w
Receive buffer size SOL_SOCKET &H1002 "SO_RCVBUF" Long r
Reuse address SOL_SOCKET &H0004 "SO_REUSEADDR" Boolean r/w
Write buffer size SOL_SOCKET &H1001 "SO_SNDBUF" Long r
Enumerate IR devices SOL_IRLMP &0010 "IRLMP_ENUMDEVICES" IRDADeviceInfo r
Socket is listening SOL_SOCKET &H0002 "SO_ACCEPTCONN" Bolean r
Max send msg. size SOL_SOCKET &H2003 "SO_MAX_MSG_SIZE" Long r
Don't route SOL_SOCKET &H0010 "SO_DONTROUTE" Boolean r/w
Send timeout SOL_SOCKET &H1005 "SO_SNDTIMEO" Long r/w
Receive timeout SOL_SOCKET &H1006 "SO_RCVTIMEO" Long r/w


        Supported on all platforms
  Not currently supported on Windows 95/98/ME
  May not work on some platforms
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