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 One such object represents the toolbar work area and the browser work area.

The both areas hold a DHTML document thus the objects used have the same members. The toolbar script accesses them through these namespaces: Toolbar - the toolbar work area and Browser - the browser's work area.

This object is implemented by the Microsoft Internet Explorer control and is described in details in MSDN. We provide only a list of the object's members in this document.  Also you will need the DHTML object model references which can be found in MSDN too.

For WebBrowser2 object you can use this link:
If the MSDN structure changes search for WebBrowser object or for IWebBrowser2

For the DHTML object model you can use this link:

WebBrowser2 object members list


AddressBar Application Busy
Container Document FullScreen
Height Left LocationName
LocationURL MenuBar Offline
Parent ReadyState RegisterAsBrowser
RegisterAsDropTarget Resizable Silent
StatusBar StatusText TheaterMode
ToolBar Top TopLevelContainer
Type Visible Width


ExecWB GoBack GoForward
GoHome GoSearch Navigate
Navigate2 Quit Refresh
Refresh2 ShowBrowserBar Stop

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