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version 1.5 final

System requirements

Windows 98/ME or Windows NT4/2000 with Internet Explorer 4.0 or later installed (important for NT4 only). COM port and ACOM hardware - ACOM 2000A amplifier (antenna switch is optional).



ACOMTools was tested on about 10 machines with different OS-es (Win98,NT4,Win2000), the slowest machine used for tests is Pentium 90 with 32 MB RAM. Excluding the start-up time (3-5 seconds on the slowest machine, less than 1 on the fastest) no other performance problems were occured.

ACOMTools  includes inital configuration wizard that starts only once - when the program is started for the first time (if cancelled will start again). The wizard includes only the basic/required settings. Another settings are accessible through the "General options" and "Extensions applet".

Some tips:

"General options" and "Extensions" applets.

Open "extensons" applet from the View menu - "Extensions ..."

In the applet you can load/unload the installed extensions, specify what service extensions to run at startup and to configure running extensions (you must load the extension before configuring it).

Additionally you can install new extension (Register new button) by pointing to the .acomextinf file for the extension. This file describes its components and dll files to be registered (if any). 

COM ports:

Where COM ports must be configured (amplifier connection, optional aux. switch extension) you will see fields like this one (on the picture above). To simply configure specific COM port choose it from the list and click Generate button - this will place the appropriate connection string in the "Connection string" field. With additional  USPC drivers  ACOMTools is capable to connect to hardware through network for example. Thus the connection string syntax depends on the driver used. In the application package only COM port driver is included and it is the default one (and most often used).



Home Development FAQ

 Note that the product page will be moved to the ACOM site.


Download latest version (version 1.5 revision 3):
(updated 10 December 2001)

And the same but without VB runtimes.:
if you don't have (or not sure) VB runtimes on your machine please select the link above.

VB runtime dll is used only by the notifier components managed through the "Frequency switching" extension.

Contains main program, USPC components and  set of extensions:

  • Frequency switching - supports notifier plug-ins
  • Auxiliary switch - maintains optional aux. switch
  • Error messages - shows/filters the errors that must be shown to the user
  • Amplifier measurements
  • Auto tune (16 Aug 2001)
  • Raw packet tracer - useful for developers
  • Exception/Event handler - useful for evelopers

Installation notes:
Unpack the archive in an empty directory with the full directory structure (6 subdirectories must appear) and run ALPInstall.exe.
Note that VB runtimes required by the old style plug-ins are not included. You may need to obtain them in order to use these plug-ins.

See the README.TXT file for more information about the current version.

If you have an older version installed - uninstall it first (Use the Add/Remove programs applet in the Control panel). Or if you don't want to do it answer yes to all the questions asked during the setup. This will replace all the older files.

Reset window view and position registry file
ACOMTools has different views and also it is able to obey to external sources or extensions. Thus window position can be changed incorrectly and the "feature can be a problem". Merge this file with the registry to reset the view and position settings (will be included in the next update). Right click the above link and select "Save target as". 

Download documentation:
Developer documentation is under construction now. It will be included in the main package when completed. Here it will be updated frequently.
Development docs:
 (updated on 28 August 2001)
User manual:
  Included in the package (open from the help menu)

Additional extensions
none at this time

Looking for samples? Samples will be provided but at the current moment you can review some of the extensions written in script languages. You can find them in the subdirectories of the extensions directory of the installation package.


Questions and bug reports about the software send directly to Michael Elfial

For technical information about the hardware refer to the ACOM WEB site:

You can also contact Gerry Hull for some general questions:


Note: Auto tune extension needs testing with all the ACOM hardware and is not included in the package. It will be published after 14 August. 

Copyright ACOM International Inc.